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Fight 4 Family Review – Fight 4 Family by John Hartman

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Written by Sammy West

How to Adequate Protect Yourself and Family

YES! You would be correct if you say love is the major ingredient that can ensure the unity and happiness in a family; but if we are going to be truthful to ourselves and face reality, we would realize that in our present world, this might not be the case. Sometimes, your ability to get physical and standup for your family or loved ones could be the rope that binds you and your loved ones together in the end. The Fight 4 Family system is designed to help you prepare for eventualities that you might not have planned for but still happen to you anyways. Millions of individuals and even families fall victims of unforeseen attacks and in most cases, they are usually unprepareDownload Fight 4 Family eBook by John Hartmand and hence lose life and properties that could have protected if they were prepared for such eventuality. This is the aim of the Fight 4 Family program; it is designed by a well-qualified instructor who has strong military experience, so as to help you know all that you can in your quest to be self-confident and strong to face any eventuality that might come the way you or your loved one.

The Fight 4 Family guide isn’t a karate teaching program or taekwondo but a practical approach to combating real life confrontations. Well what we see and practice when seeing movies aren’t always applicable in real life situations so most times learning those moves could be a blatant waste of valuable time and energy. You might argue that this guide is not necessary because you do not think people get attacked that often, well that is a huge lie because even though you haven’t experienced it personally, a lot of people are not being attacked on a daily basis. In fact, let me give you some statistics that would show you the severity of this situation. An Estimate of 3.7 million people or household experience attacks and household burglaries every year. 28% of this burglaries occur in the presence of a household member and 7% out of these involves some form of physical assault on the household member. This means that 266,560 people are a victims of household attacks every year. This statistic was released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and I feel it paint a very good picture of the severity of this frightening situation. So the fact that you haven’t had this experience, doesn’t mean that you cannot be a victim, this is why is very vital that you have a prepared mind in case of any eventuality that may arise. The Fight 4 Family program will ensure that you are ready to face any eventuality that may arise at any point in your life, it doesn’t matter whether you are male, female, young or an aged fellow, the techniques that are detailed in the Fight 4 Family guide will help you stand for yourself and your loved ones when the need arises. You no longer have to suffer in the hands of burglars and even bullies because soon, you would be fully equipped to defend yourself effectively. The Fight 4 Family is created by an author who has military grade training and also has experienced a firsthand household attack in which he made use of the training that you will be learning in the guide to defend his family and himself. Don’t leave your life to chance, take up this program and get yourself ready to face any brutal confrontation.

Click Here to Download Fight 4 Family eBook by John Hartman

Fight 4 Family by John Hartman

Facts about the Fight 4 Family Guide

AUTHOR: John HartmanDownload Fight 4 Family eBook by John Hartman

PRODUCT: Fight 4 Family

FORMAT: E-book and Video

CATEGORY: Self-defense and Family

RATING: 5 stars

RANKING: No 1 best seller


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Most people would easily discard this product because they do not believe in the fact that they can ever be attack or have their household burgled. Well the truth is that the possibilities of being attacked are getting higher on a daily basis and this means that we also should be fully prepared in case of any eventuality that might put us or our household physically in danger. This is why the Fight 4 Family program is absolutely important when you are trying to completely protect yourself and family. Certainly, the program is fun and enjoyable, as you will be learning combat and defense techniques that are similar to the ones that you see in the movies so it is definitely not boring. The Fight 4 Family guide would give you military grade training in order to fully defend yourself and family in the face of imminent danger.

Click Here to Download Fight 4 Family eBook by John Hartman

Fight 4 Family by John Hartman

Details on the Fight 4 Family Program

John Hartman is a retired member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America and he is a certified disaster and survival expert with a lot of military grade training that ensures that this program contains the essential ingredients that you need to defend yourself and family when the need arises. If you have no idea about self-defense and outright attack, then this program is definitely for you because you are a clean slate that would only receive the information that matters when self-defense is concerned. The secrets that are detailed in this course, would make you invincible and untouchable, it would seem like you have you have magical powers. A lot of people have used this product and are glad they did because it taught them things that they never would have thought they could learn. The Fight 4 Family would teach you the following fundamentals that you would need when trying to be alert and defensive;

  • The Fight 4 Family will ensure that you know exactly what to do when you are being followed on the street. Also the one thing you should never do, which if you do could end up devastatingly.
  • The one weapon that you should always have on you, which if you use effectively; your attacker would never stand a chance.
  • Secret fighting Techniques that will help you in life threatening situations.
  • Why using your fist in a fight could be your biggest mistake ever.With this program, you would be learning something that is far more powerful and damaging.
  • The “Hard to Soft” tactic where you will be shown how to easily break noses, teeth or knock out your opponent with one simple but brutal movement.

The Fight 4 Family training program is packaged in an e-book and video format so that you can fully grasp what the author is trying teach you. This package is available on the product’s website for $49 per order. This is a very small price to pay for all the techniques that the product will help you know and master.


The Fight 4 Family guide is a way for you to ensure that your family remains safe even in the face of danger. It helps you to physically prepare for any eventuality that my confront you on the street or even in your household. A lot of testimonies have been pouring out from people who have used the product and it is safe to say that the product is efficient and can deliver on its promises.

Click Here to Download Fight 4 Family eBook by John Hartman

Fight 4 Family by John Hartman

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