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Family Self Defence is a topic that circulates the internet every year as a Self Improvement topic but most people do take it for granted until something sudden happens. Most times we are too carried away by the noise and the day to day activities of our society until we run into some circumstances where no one can help us, and in most cases help comes only when its too late. What will you do if someone suddenly knocks you down right now or snatch away your computer or phone? :

Hi There, my name is Helen Cole, i am a writer, publisher and a passionate woman who loves to share the best information and tips with my families and friends. After several unforeseen encounters i had with strangers and losing valuable possessions, i believe sharing my review about some Family Self Defence Guides will help everyone reading this blog.

…or something like this:

What will you do if a natural disaster happens today, how can you safe your family, do you know some techniques that can make you and your family survive if there is no power, water or transportation. Now its time to save your family from all the unforeseen drama

As a parent, guardian, friend and lover, you need to know how to defend yourself in case of any emergency and become the hereo to save your loved ones

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